Prenups for Successful Women

Most people don’t realize that, more than anything, prenups are about relationships.

Contrary to popular opinion, they are not about assets nor are they about divorce or death.

They are about the intertwining of families and loved ones taking the next step of commitment together.

I help successful women plan, protect, and secure the future of the relationship with their partner, children, business associates, parents, and even grandparents.

The women I represent have lived — they have families, businesses, and investments and…

  • They’ve made choices along their life path, some that worked out beautifully and some they would make differently if given the chance.
  • They’ve applied the lessons and wisdom and created a life of love and joy.
  • They’ve been intentional and this new partnership is evidence as is their desire to make sure everything is properly in its place.

Emily Chase Smith Prenups

The women I represent are deeply appreciate the relationship they have found, having come so far to find it. They and their partner want to take the next step with meaning and purpose—clearly, and with a plan. A new day is dawning.

Helping women have successful prenup conversations came about because of a giant change in my personal life. After a 20-year marriage and three kiddos, I was divorced. I found that dating and relationships presented very different challenges than when I did it the first time in my 20s. His and my kiddos with those attendant responsibilities, extended families, businesses those were just a few things on my radar that weren’t those very many years ago. I began to see the world very differently, my perspective morphed as did my desire to help women like me.

And I understand at a very personal level, considering a prenup can feel like planning for failure. That’s what the societal view of prenups tells us—prenups put a fence around what’s yours and view your partner as an adversary. And that’s the complete opposite of this relationship. This relationship is one of trust and caring, not one of discord. This relationship has her willing and excited to take the next step, that’s not consistent with selfishness.

And judgement abounds. With a failed marriage in your history,  of course you’d get a prenup. You must question your partner’s commitment if you need a prenup. What’s wrong with your partner if you need a prenup? The women I represent are left wondering, why must a matter of the heart be so public?

Philosophically she wonders, why? Why do I have to jump through these hoops? I’ve accepted red tape and government involvement in my business and career, but now in my relationship? It’s too much.

While she ponders these things, she knows that a prenup is a challenge, but one the relationship is prepared for. She and her partner are prepared to:

  • Ask the questions,
  • Work through differing opinions, and
  • Make plans together.

A prenup is not about keeping all your marbles, it’s about having the little important conversations with everyone you love, your partner, your children, your business associates, parents, grandparents. It’s understanding that everyone wants to feel cared for, secure and content. It’s adulting.

A prenup strengthens a solid and a strong base. There are no misunderstandings. Nobody has unmet expectations. Everything has been decided and written down. The clarity allows everyone involved and invested with both him and her to move forward with certainty, without wondering. The questions have been answered. Everybody is free.

Done poorly, a prenup is the disaster popular culture says it is. It stomps through the relationship decimating it with adversarial thinking and a “mine” attitude. Done well, its having the little conversations, listening to what your partner needs, how your partner feels cared about and making plans together for today and for the future. Done well, a prenup is freedom. If you’d like to do your prenup well, contact us.