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3 Specific Ways You Need to Grow WITH Your Business for Entrepreneurial Success.

Posted at June 12, 2013 | By : | Categories : Growing Your Business | 0 Comment are the new Wild West cowboys, opening new territories, foraging new lands, and creating something where nothing was before.  Back in the day cowboys were known for their daring, adventure and cunning, never for their stability.  That was the purview of the town sheriff.  Take a cowboy and a sheriff and bring them into 2013.  Which one do you think would have a bigger 401k balance?  Get ready for entrepreneurial success!


That being said, we cowboys need a little sheriff in us.  We can gun sling only so long and then we need to build a stable base of operations.  We need to mature personally alongside our businesses.  We may get married, have a family, want to buy a house, or want to make substantial investments; to do that we need to move away from just getting things done into a more sustainable MO.


Here are 3 ways we as business owners need to shift our thinking to achieve long-term success.


1.         My business isn’t my baby, my babies are my babies.


One of the most lamented life choices of entrepreneurs as they near the end of the their lives is spending all their time, energy and money on their business instead of achieving a balance with those that they love.  As entrepreneurs in the trenches we know that a true day-to-day balance is a fallacy.  A launch is happening, a book deadline looms, a big deal is closing; those will take more than we can equally give to those we love.  But when the launch is launched, the book is written and the deal is closed, what’s your SOP?  Do you go on to the next thing or do you tip the balance back to your loved ones?  Let your business mature.  Let it walk and run without you there holding its hand.  You’ll both be better off for it.


2.         I’ve got this covered


You are a genius.  You are the master of many things.  Ships will be named after you.  As impressive as you are, you are but one lone person with time and space limitations.  To grow your business and yourself you need to work in your core competencies.    Decide where you excel and hire out the rest.  Go through the painful process of hiring and firing multiple times until you have a strong idea of what you need and who you need for each position.  It’s the only way to grow.  It’s the only way to keep your business from being limited by you.


3.         I don’t need no stinking Tonto.


The Lone Ranger had Tonto.  Batman has Robin.  Sponge Bob has Patrick.  Who’s your Patrick?  Are you building a group of like-minded people around you because while it’s true that the world is filled with small thinkers, it’s filled with your entrepreneurial soul mates too.  Are you looking up from your laptop long enough to find them?  Are you looking for them online?  Connect, connect and then connect some more.  When you think you’re done connecting, do it again.  Go to conferences.  Meet for coffee.  You’ll be amazed at what other people carry around in their brains.


Grow with your business.  Don’t stunt your business’s growth with your own.  If you’re building something big you need to be something big.


What pivot in your life or business comes to mind as you read this article?  What one small change will garner you amazing results?



About Emily Chase Smith

I’m an experienced attorney and entrepreneur. With my background in bankruptcy, I’ve seen the end of the business lifecycle and use that knowledge as a lighthouse to help others avoid the rocks. I counsel with entrepreneurs to provide custom solutions to help you get back in the game. You can contact me at (949) 391-6063, Google+ Twitter

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