If Accounting Perplexes You, Have I Got a Book for You…

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the accounting game

Even though I nerd out on money in business, I know that the vast majority of business owners don’t go into business to have unfettered access to spreadsheets. They want to build artisan chairs or run a retail store that provides their community with the best IT in 4 counties. The financial side is kinda like toilet paper that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe as you leave a public restroom – it’s along for the ride.


And to try and pick up accounting principles while you’re running a whole entire business – that’s laughable.


Enter The Accounting Game by Darrell Mullis and Judith Orloff. It looks like it belongs in my 8-year-old’s backpack, but as I read and worked through it the past few days I discovered the fact that it looks like a children’s book (and reads like one) is exactly why it’s so powerful. It uses the quintessential lemonade stand to show exactly how what you do in business each and every day shows up in those mysterious:

- Balance Sheets;

- Income Statements; and

- Cash Statements


The quintessential lemonade stand will clear up accounting mysteries [TWEET THIS]


What was once blurry becomes clear. Three hours is about all it takes to get through the book and your business life will be forever changed. Not bad for $12. A word of advice – get the paperback version, a pencil and eraser. This is one book not best read on the Kindle.

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