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  • Student Loans; The Unforgivable Sin

    I’m going to have a tough time taking about student loans in bankruptcy without getting ticked off.  I’ll keep my language under control, but this really bends me out of shape. Since the glory year of 1978, the ability to have student loans discharged has been very limited.  Those lucky ducks before 1978 were able to have their student loans discharged, no questions asked. Now the standard is that student loans ...

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  • An Introduction to Bankruptcy for the Newbie

    I’m going to give you a quick primer on bankruptcy – what it is and what it can accomplish. Bankruptcy is federal law – those are the big daddies in Washington D.C. but it’s also state specific. It’s all done at the federal courthouse which is almost always nicer than the state one – go figure. Bankruptcy has been around longer than our country and it’s actually provided for in the Constitution ...

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  • What a Good Bankruptcy Attorney Won’t Do

    Meeting with a bankruptcy attorney is not high on most people’s list of fun things to do.  In fact, I was told by a client as she walked in the door that she’d rather get a mammogram than meet with me.  All was well at the end, but she had that much trepidation walking in. There are a few things a good bankruptcy attorney won’t do – and I think ...

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  • The Survivor Who’d Make the Best Bankruptcy Attorney

    For you Survivor fans, if you haven’t seen the season 22 finale – stop the video right now!  As a fellow Survivor fan, I don’t want to be the spoiler.  I couldn’t get to the end of Season 21, but I don’t want to ruin a decent season for you. Ok, now that we have only the initiated with us, let me tell you my thoughts about Boston Rob and ...

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  • Full Speed Into the Future!

    I’m going to change up the blog format a bit and introduce videos. With audio and visual I can convey more information and get more personal. Years ago when I began teaching law online with Kaplan University, our seminars were “chat” based. Then I participated in the pilot program to introduce audio. ANGELS SANG! It was like going from a cart and buggy ...

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  • What My Own Private Practice Means To Me!

    I thought I would tell you this to prove bankruptcy does not have to be all pain and tears. We’ll laugh a little, joke a little, and try to find the funny points in any bankruptcy situation when we meet. It helps. I am excited.  I am flat out Jazzed (with jazz hands and everything). My very own bankruptcy practice, for so long a ...

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