06 Mitchell D. Weiss – Your Business and A Bank Loan – It’s Not the Impossible Dream

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Entrepreneurs seek the help of bank loans regularly only for most to be shot down and deprived from their dreams of owning a business. Fortunately this doesn’t need to be the case the next time you apply. Mitchell D. Weiss joins Money Morsels to help you learn how to get a bank loan the right way.

A famous author with titles like “Business Happens – A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurial Finance for Small Businesses and Professional Practices” under his belt, Mitch shares his 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry to help you understand how banks think and, in turn, enable you to get the loans you need.


More About This Show

Mitch Weiss uses his three decades of experience in the financial services industry to educate business owners, especially ofstartups and those facing difficulties while seeking financing.

In this podcast, he shines the light on some of the mistakes people make, driving banks to “not like them” and ultimately reject their loan application. He, however, provides practical solutions to ensure that you stop wasting your time as well as the bank’s to get the funding you need quickly. Mitch also highlights how you should tackle the bank after getting funding to ensure that it continues supporting you.

Through this Podcast, You’ll Learn Things Like:

      •          Which banks can fund entrepreneurs quicker than commercial banks
      •          How to quickly get approval for your loan
      •          The duration it takes to get your loan
      •          The four questions banks ask before funding a new business
      •          How involved the bank will be once it provides you with your loan
      •          And much, much more


Weiss has provided ample insight on the other side of the lending game. While I did have to cut the recording short for this episode, rest assured that you’ll hear the rest of Weiss’ wisdom in the upcoming podcast.


What’s the best way to get bank funding for your business? Mitchell D. Weiss tells us how [TWEET THIS]

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