• A Small Business War Chest; Money at the Ready

    I believe I first heard Mark Cuban mention the idea of a war chest for small business on an episode of Shark Tank.  Since that mention, I’ve been contemplating the idea - I like to say “I’m letting my great brain work on it.”  - a tongue in cheek nod to ...

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  • Protect your Property (your intellectual property, that is)

      I recently posed this question to intellectual property (IP) lawyer Adam Bagwell: when should an entrepreneur consult with an IP attorney?  His answer—pretty much right away!  Once your ideas come together and you begin to develop a brand or product, you really need to make sure it is unique to you (and not already trademarked) before you ...

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  • It Just Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

    I met with a client who, among other things, had a motorhome he owed roughly $150,000 on.  I know in some states that’s a house – and in some that’s a mansion, but he didn’t live in the motorhome, it was left over from the days of big income.  The main problem was the $1,400/moth payment and the fact ...

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  • Assets Assets Everywhere

    Most cases are what we call “no asset” cases. That means the filer doesn’t have to give up anything in the bankruptcy – we’re able to protect everything with exemptions. Their debt is cleared and they keep all their “stuff”. That’s both good and bad – wouldn’t it be nice if the court came in and cleaned out your garage! That alone would ...

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