• Episode 005 Potty training, Florida and Cosigners

    How is potty training like dealing with debt?  Because once you’ve done it you realize how truly freeing it is – and there are some similarities between creditors and dirty diapers. Q: "We purchased two rental properties in Florida, which was a big mistake. With the rise in home owners insurance & taxes (5 times higher than California) we are in the red each month, depleting our savings in ...

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  • Episode 004 Lions, Tigers and Bankruptcy Expenses

    We open the episode looking at the effect of financial stress, like bankruptcy, on your life and health and move into answering specific questions on how to get the monkey off your back and back into the cage where he belongs. - If your income is below the median income for your state, does the bankruptcy court automatically assume you are not trying to abuse the system and allow you ...

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  • Episode 003 Of Houses and Cars

    This week we answer questions about your house and debt: - If I settle my debts, is there a tax liability? - I can’t pay my house payment.  What should I do? - I lost a house in January 2010 and the mortgage company just called up wanting to know when they’ll get paid.  I told them they got the house and not to hold their breath - ...

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  • Episode 002 Bankruptcy Basics

    A good bankruptcy primer covering how to qualify, what bankruptcy does, common issues and how the Bankruptcy Court and DMV were separated at birth hence the need for a good lawyer!

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  • Episode 001 Big Dumb Stupid Debt in a Nutshell

    What sort of sacrilege is this?  Debt is serious.  It is, serious as a heart attack and what are you doing to do about it pre-triple bypass?  We'll unpack it together and give you a go-forward plan.  Isn't that what we all need, hope and a plan?   Questions in this episode: - I’m behind on my credit card payments.  Is there an urgency to dealing with this debt other than ...

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  • Full Speed Into the Future!

    I’m going to change up the blog format a bit and introduce videos. With audio and visual I can convey more information and get more personal. Years ago when I began teaching law online with Kaplan University, our seminars were “chat” based. Then I participated in the pilot program to introduce audio. ANGELS SANG! It was like going from a cart and buggy ...

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