Chapter 7

  • A Window of Opportunity

    One of the sweeping changes made to bankruptcy was the means test.  To qualify to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your gross income needs to be the same or less than the mean of your state – think average.  The number takes into account the size of your family.  You can find your state’s number here.   There are a few ...

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  • Rip, Pivot and Jam

    One of my favorite entrepreneurial podcasts, The Lifestyle Business Podcast, invented the idea of rip, pivot and jam to help start-ups.  I love the idea and super cool imagery so much I’m going to adapt it to my field, finances. Rip – rip the best pages of the playbooks of the best teams.  Find the resources you need Pivot ...

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  • High Income, The Big Shovel

    In many states we often run into families with incomes that disqualify them for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The income standards in many states don’t really line up with the reality of living there.  Even with a high income, families can be facing some very trying financial times – they have their “tail in a ...

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  • What Do Chapter 7 and 13 Mean?

    I think they’d be more aptly named “Option A” and “Option B”, but this is Congress we’re talking about and nothing is ever simple over there. Chapters are portions of the Bankruptcy Code and each bankruptcy filer elects to take the rights and responsibilities of one of the chapters. They indicate which set of rights and responsibilities they desire ...

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