Debt Negotiation

  • $45,000 Gone!

    It took every trick in the book and (I’m not sure I’m exaggerating) a thousand phone calls, but our office settled a debt in excess of $65,000 for $20,000.  That’s a $45,000 savings.  $45,000 – that’s a ton of money.  This was a family that was hard hit during the recession and had one credit card left over from that time, but it ...

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  • Debt Negotiation: A Good Result

    When credit card companies worry they won’t get paid, they make some incredible deals. Of course every situation is different, but we see 50%+ reduction in the amount owed, often more if a great attorney is negotiating. :) One thing to factor into the cost is that Uncle Sam will consider the amount of debt forgiven as income (this ...

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