• How Much Debt is OK?

    Debt—more specifically, the level of debt you comfortable with— is one of the many things that separates true entrepreneurs from other businesspeople.  A friend of mine was recently discussing how differently he and the owner of his company approach debt.  Some levels seemed like no big deal to the owner while my friend’s jaw was lying on the ground in shock.    What separates those ...

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  • Beware of Fake Debt Collectors

    Usually we’re talking about debt we owe, but this news story highlights a big problem, fake debt collectors collecting on debt they know you don’t owe.  Of all the hard-hearted and callous scams, being told you are paying off a legitimate debt when in fact they’re just stealing your money is right at the top.  These scams are particularly effective ...

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  • A Christmas Song

    Here is my Christmas offering (channel your inner sparkly Elvis): "I'll have a blue Christmas with Am Ex I'll be so blue making minimum payments You'll be doing alright with your Christmas of white, but I'll be in the red this Christmas." If this is your song in 2011, let's talk and make sure you're singing a happier tune in 2012!

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