• Negotiating With Homeowners Associations

    We negotiate with a lot of different creditors, credit cards, store cards, payday lenders, really any debt that’s not secured, backed by the government or held by the IRS.  By far and away the one that requires the most patience and tenacity is homeowners associations.   Homeowners associations often have protected status.  Even after a foreclosure, the homeowner is often liable for the months ...

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  • Watch Your Mailbox – Bank of America is Giving Away Money

    Bank of America has been in some serious hot water with the attorney general of almost every state as well as the feds.  They’re accused of abusing homeowners in foreclosures.   The upside is that Bank of America has started sending letters to more than 200,000 homeowners offering to forgive a portion f the principal balance.  The average reduction is $150,000.  The savings can translate ...

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  • What Happens When You Walk Away From Your Home?

    Yahoo Finance had a great article entitled, What Happens When You Walk Away From Your Home?  If you’re struggling with what to do with your house, feeling crushed under its weight or facing foreclosure, you should take the time to read it.   Once you’ve read it, I’d add a few more things.   Don’t just talk to a ...

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  • Foreclosures Take a Year

    In Orange County, California, foreclosures take a year, not just months as in the old days.  In my experience many take even longer, especially if you’re in short sale or loan modification negotiations.  This extra time gives you room to investigate all your options, keeping ...

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  • Foreclosed Investment Property

    I’ve talked with several people recently who are being chased down by a bank based on a foreclosure of investment property. The bad news is that these banks are within their rights. There’s no protection for a foreclosed investment property. The good news is that the bank is hungry and there’s room for negotiation. My office uses the leverage that ...

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  • What About My House?

    Your house is not only your largest asset or liability, it's where you live, relax and raise your family. Not knowing what's going to happen with your house creates uncertainty and fear. Here is some truth about houses in Chapter 7. If you are one of the lucky few with equity in your house, but you have enough other debt ...

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