Growing Your Business

  • Ratios, KPIs & Metrics – Oh My!

    I know that title just lost 80% of the audience. I don’t think even “Ebola is in your bathtub” could be more scary for most – so if this blog post starts you hyperventilating, you’re not alone. Stick with me because you know my gig is to make the tough stuff in business finance understandable and actionable. I won’t let you down. I ...

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  • Financial Savvy for Franchises

    If you know me, you know I nerd out on financial savvy for business owners.  After seeing the massive effect of ignoring the financial piece in favor of marketing, SEO or just general hustle, I’m pretty obnoxious about preaching the importance of financial savvy for all business owners no matter their size or industry.   That being said, I love it when someone ...

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  • The 6 Building Blocks of Financial Savvy

    Financial savvy – it’s something every business owner wants, but it can be hard to know exactly what it entails. Here are the 6 building blocks: 1. Do the Windows:Gain a Clear View with Good Data You need good information to be financially savvy. Imagine a plate of spaghetti. Those noodles represent your financial transactions, both personal and business. The first step ...

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  • Are you ready? It’s time for coaching

    It’s that time of year. The big book publicity push is behind me and our family’s taken our last road trip for the summer - to San Francisco.   Don’t laugh at my hoodie, it was cold!   We’re getting the backpacks and school supplies lined up.   The end of summer can be sad, yes, but everything old is new again. This time of year ...

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  • Get Lean, A Guest Post by Tom Morkes of Insurgent Publishing

    A lean startup is a term (and a book by the same name) used to describe the building of a business quickly and efficiently.   What makes a lean startup different than a regular startup?  Simple: lean startups are about learning and efficiency.   Why is this important?    Because slow learning and inefficiencies cripple businesses.   Slow learning is a ...

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  • 3 Specific Ways You Need to Grow WITH Your Business for Entrepreneurial Success.

    Entrepreneurs are the new Wild West cowboys, opening new territories, foraging new lands, and creating something where nothing was before.  Back in the day cowboys were known for their daring, adventure and cunning, never for their stability.  That was the purview of the town sheriff.  Take a cowboy and a sheriff and bring them into 2013.  Which one do you think would have a ...

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