• The Dreaded Summons – Sued by Your Credit Card Company

    Nothing strikes more fear in a heart than official documents filled with legal gobbly-gook that you know do not bring good Ed McMahon tidings.  I know that first hand because one year I wrote our Christmas newsletter (back when that was fashionable) on pleading paper for fun – you know the paper with the 2 lines and numbers down ...

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  • The Dreaded Knock on the Door

    The knock comes and it’s not a pushy salesman – unfortunately – it’s a friendly person with a summons & complaint.  You wish he’d try to sell you a vacuum, but instead he’s dropping a bomb.  It’s not time for full-tilt panic, but it’s time to move. A lawsuit is the credit card company asking the court for permission to ...

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  • Looming Lawsuit

    Bad things happen, car accidents, work incidents and you can find yourself on the business end of a lawsuit. It’s a scary and exhausting time, not knowing if the court will find you responsible and destroy your financial future with a big judgment they chase you with for decades. Bankruptcy can short cut the process and stop the lawsuit in its tracks. Bankruptcy discharges ...

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