Loan Modification

  • Mortgage Brokers Know – Debt Settlement Can Help You Qualify

    Like a bad 80’s song stuck in your brain, the ads tell us over and over, “rates have never been lower”.  Very true and refinancing your home will put money in your pocket each and every month and allow you to pay your home off sooner – win/win. Sometimes when the credit report is fun, there are a few skeletons in the ...

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  • Loan Modification Stats

    I went looking for a statistic on the success of loan modifications because in my non-scientific experience it’s low. Imagine my surprise when listening to Dave Ramsey and he said 7% of all loan modifications are successful. 7%! That means 93% of everyone going through the rigmarole won’t see a positive result. Despite Washington D.C.’s song and dance, loan modifications are not based ...

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  • The Wild West

    Loan Modifications are officially hereby dubbed the Wild West. The mild mannered men who sat demurely next to you on the stagecoach and talked sweetly and have now pulled up their bandanas and donned their black hats. “Your money or your life – or both.” On what planet is it fair that banks sent our legions of 20-somethings to push terrible ...

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