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Social media is a great place to find interesting people doing interesting things.  When I find someone intriguing, I’m likely to extend an invitation to chat on the phone or Skype and just get to know each other.   Steve Penner has been on my radar lately.   He started and I really wanted to hear his story because it’s not often you find a home spun accounting software – a slick Silicon Valley start-up yes, but a realtor in Winnipeg designing a simple to use software is a bit of an anomaly.   A side note:  I couldn’t figure out for a few minutes why Winnipeg was on my radar until I remembered that it was where Michael Scott took his first international trip for Dunder Mifflin and thinks a concierge is the Winnipeg version of a geisha.   Turns out Steve had been a business school teacher then transitioned into real estate in 2008 – that drew a hearty laugh from me – we can laugh about that now right?  As a realtor, even though he was well versed in accounting software, he didn’t want the hassle so he created his own simple system.   I won’t go into how works.  You can check them out here, but I love the idea of making something so simple that it rivals using a spreadsheet.  It’s inexpensive and you only buy it one time.  It’s designed for realtors, truck drivers, and small one-person businesses like dog grooming or counseling.   The bottom line is that Steve created something so simple yet valuable that people will actually do it.  And that’s the biggest part of my job – convincing people that knowing what’s going on in the financial side of your business is a game changer. MoneyLedgers is an easy way to start to do that.  Cool business, right? Accounting so simple it rivals using a spreadsheet? [TWEET THIS]

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