To Help You Become Financially Savvy

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An easy read to gain the promises of financial savvy – reduced stress, increased profitability and financial security

The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur: Navigating the Money Maze of Running a Business

80 percent of small businesses do not receive outside funding; they bootstrap (and beg and borrow) to make their business dreams a reality. As these businesses grow, the hasty financial decisions and systems put in place during their infancy inevitably crumble. Banishing CPA-speak, The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur offers time-strapped entrepreneurs–indeed, all business owners–simple and innovative tools to maintain business and personal financial health.

Here’s an understandable, step-by-step plan that will help you:

  • Understand how an entrepreneur’s financial considerations differ from their traditionally employed counterparts.
  • Appreciate the danger of failing to revisit start-up decisions and give you a roadmap to ease financial entanglements.
  • Establish a business that can stand on its own financially.

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The perfect primer on financial savvy, an easy 2 hour recording to get you started

The Ultimate Course on Using Financial Savvy to Build Wealth With Your Business

For businsess owners and entrepreneurs, this 2 hour course will change the way you look at money in your business

Ready for financial savvy?  Here are the step-by-step building blocks.  Finances and your business can be confusing.  You know you need something, but you’re not sure what.  If you’re in the early years of your business and under $500,000 in revenue, this 2-hour recording you’ll identify where you’re going and how to get there.  Financial Savvy is an Absolute Game Changer.  When you have it, you have an incredible leg up above your competition and a sense of security that allows you to release your best, creative products and services to the world.   Find out more here.

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A simple, manageable deep dive into financial savvy and all it offers. Start any time and fly!

Untangle Your Money Spaghetti Course

Business owners lose their money TWICE on average before succeeding.  My goal is to change that number to ZERO.  This 6 hour, 4 unit course is the answer if you:

  • You don’t have any way to make financially solid business decisions.
  • Aren’t sure what’s profitable and what’s not.
  • You and your business are all tangled up and you’re not sure how much to take home.
  • Want to be sure you have enough cash flow to make it to next month, the next 6 months and next year.

See more here.

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The building blocks of financial savvy applied to your business one-on-one

Financial Business Coaching

Are you ready to move past operating your business and your life with fingers crossed?

  • A good strong, financially savvy start to your business?
  • To make financially savvy decisions in your business?
  • Help with meshing your personal and business financial life?
  • To make your massive investment in time and money pay off for the long haul?

Cobbling together advice and input from friends, colleagues, books, recordings and courses will only get you so far (and will leave you forever wondering if you’re headed in the right direction).  You need a coach to help you identify the moving pieces, make wise decisions and put it all together in a solid plan.  See more here.

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