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I come from an entrepreneurial family.  My great grandfather was a self-made citrus farmer and my father an architect that built shopping malls, churches & spec homes.  I can feel their entrepreneurial spirit running through my veins.  I’ve had many business ventures, some more successful than others and my blood runs for the freedom that self-employment provides.


Like a typical first born I did what was expected of me and got my law degree.  I practiced for many years in many different facets of the law.  My life went from mundane law firm work to excitement when we moved our family to Prague, Czech Republic.  We planed to stay for 2 years, but ended up staying for 5.   When we came home in 2009 and I prepared to jump back into the legal life,  I decided to focus on bankruptcy law  – my favorite practice area.  I liked bankruptcy because you’re taking someone in a tough position and improving it dramatically – you can’t say that about most areas of the law.  I particularly loved working with business owners because their situations always required my biggest thinking cap.


However, during my years as a bankruptcy attorney as I sat across from my clients I found myself thinking:

“Man I wish we met a year ago – this all could have been prevented”

Because you see, I like my clients.  They were creative, hardworking hustlers with great ideas – they had just let the money piece slide.  They focused so intently on the business itself they figured that the finances would “take care of itself”.  And it didn’t – that’s why they needed a bankruptcy attorney.

So I moved from acting as the Coast Guard, fishing failing businesses out of the water – to the lighthouse – showing business owners where the dangers are and how to avoid them.  Boy is this a lot more fun and rewarding.


Financial savvy is the gift that keeps on giving – in this business and the next.

To spread my message of financial savvy, I wrote The Financially Savvy Entrepreneur:  Navigating the Money Maze of Running a Business.   I podcast at Money Morsels:  Small Bites of Wisdom for Business Owners.  I also speak to groups of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Family in CR

Like most entrepreneurs, freedom is my guiding principle.  My husband and children are my “why” and I am forever grateful to have so much time with them and to do work that  I’m passionate about.  It’s almost to much to ask for and I could not have dreamed it was possible during my dark law firm days.


I often work from my favorite Southern California beaches (thank you Verizon’s JetPack), from the back of my VW Eurovan (named Gidget) and I fervently wish Apple would invent a sand-proof laptop.  I love to travel, paddleboard and surf whenever I can.


Contact me at emily at emilychasesmith dot com


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