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I help businesses owners clearly understand the financial elements of their business so they create increased profitability and financial security.

An Audio Introduction to Coaching


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The “Why”

Once you’ve identified that financial savvy is important to you and your business, it’s very important to me that coaching be a business and life changing activity.  We want the way you view your business to shift radically and financial savvy to seep from your very pores. The final goal is to create a financially healthy business and a financially savvy owner.  Going forward this means: The business is operating at maximum profitability and is attractive to the owner, investors or buyers. The owner has the tools to operate this or any business at maximum profitability.

How it Coaching Works

We meet via phone 6 times to cover the 6 Building Blocks of Financial Savvy, below.   We meet every other weeks and in your off weeks you have action steps to take that will move you forward.   We dive in and really look at what you’re currently doing in each area and what you need to shift for the long haul.  We make sure you have a strong step-by-step plan that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.  We make tweaks and shore up any weak spots and cement your financial savvy into place as you operate and manage your business.


What We Cover

We cover the 6 Building Blocks of Financial Savvy to  move you to maximum profitability in your business.


1.   Do the Windows:  Gain a Clear View with Good Data


2.   20/20/20 Vision:  A Simple System Consistently Applied


3.   The Tortoise:  Incremental Measured Progress Toward Defined Goals


4.   Gauge the Runway:  Plan for Sufficient Cash Flow


5.   The Shield of Achilles:  Systematic Removal of Risk


6.   Tomorrow For the Win:  Wise Decision Making


How Long Does It Take? 

6 calls over 12 weeks.

What if I need something else?

We may very well identify related areas in need of shoring up.  You may need help working in your strengths as partners, developing a management team or with accounting, tax or legal functions.  We are well connected to professionals in all these areas and are happy to help you bring on board what you need.


The cost is $3,800 to cover the 6 Building Blocks of Financial Savvy in 6 calls over 12 weeks.   Remember, you’re working toward maximum profitability and as such, coaching is an investment not overhead.  It’s an investment in your business and you as an entrepreneur.  If the cost is out of reach, we have group coaching and products to speed you on your way as well.  You can find out more about them here.  In addition, I blog and podcast and have written a book.  There’s no shortage of information.  Financial savvy is available to all business owners.


If you think coaching might be just what you’ve been looking for, shoot us an email.


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